海派-三防漆涂覆機  Haipai conformal coating machine
全球三防工藝整線解決方案商  Global three-defense process whole line solution provider
                    熱門關鍵詞:涂覆機Coating machine                  三防漆涂覆機Three-proof paint coating machine   
                       選擇性涂覆機 Selective coating machine           全自動涂覆機Fully automatic coating machine
常見問題Frequently asked question
— 目前遇到的困擾有哪些 —What are the current problems?
/ 降低成本 Reduce costs
/ 提升品質   Improve quality
/ 安全環保  Safety and environmental protection
/ 提高效率  Improve efficiency
/ 簡單智能  / Simple intelligence
/ 替代人工   Alternative labor
產品優勢Product advantages
— 助力制造業實現生產自動化 —- Help the manufacturing industry realize production automation --
產品中心  Product center
— 擁有自主設計及研發滿足智能化工廠需求 —
It has independent design and research and development to meet the needs of intelligent chemical factories.
涂覆機 Coating machine
點膠機Gluing machine
涂覆AOICoated with AOI
涂覆線Coating line
固化爐Curing furnace
涂覆閥體Coated valve body
周邊設備Peripheral equipment
測厚返修Thickness measurement and repair
研發體系化Systematization of researchand development
Quality control
Production process
Timeliness of service
High accuracy, fast speed, 24-hour continuous work, simple and easy-to-understand button, very convenient to operate
With photoelectric safety protection measures, external objects enter the work area. HaiPai Haipai automatic coating machine can automatically alarm and pause to avoid accidental injury.
Fully automatic operation solves the current situation of enterprise recruitment difficulties and labor shortage, and realizes the phenomenon of fewer people in factories and greatly saves labor costs.
HaiPai Haipai automation equipment can be used quickly with simple operation throughout the whole process. If the operation is wrong, the machine will automatically stop to avoid the risk of equipment damage.
量身定制  Tailor-made
— 專心研發 專精優化 專注提效 —
Concentration in research and development, specializing in optimization, focusing on improving efficiency
完備服務  Complete service.
強大服務體系,為不同用戶定制智能化解決方案,如有任何問題,24小時即時響應Powerful service system to customize intelligent solutions for different users. If you have any questions, you can respond 24 hours a day.
案例豐富  Enriched Cases
深耕行業多年,與數百個工廠及其電器制造廠成功合作,業內好評度高,值得信賴It has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years and has successfully cooperated with hundreds of factories and their electrical appliance manufacturers. It is highly praised and trustworthy in the industry.
品質管控  Quality control control
自主生產,標準化生產流程及嚴格質檢體系,產品均通過第三方檢測,品質有保障Independent production, standardized production process and strict quality inspection system. The products have passed third-party testing and the quality is guaranteed.
創新研發  Innovative research and development
創新研發團隊,擁有自主設計及研發能力,多年行業經驗,潛心鉆研,業內知名度高Innovative R&D team, with independent design and R&D capabilities, many years of industry experience, dedicated to research, high popularity in the industry
應用案例分享  Applying Case Sharing
— 有自主設計及研發滿足智能化工廠需求 —
Independent design and R&D to meet the needs of intelligent factories
Automotive Electronics - Three-proof Paint Coating Machine

Photovoltaic inverter energy storage-selective coating machine
關于我們About us
— 從中國制造更改為中國創造 —
Change from Made in China to Created in China
                       Dongguan Haipai Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
The company has been committed to the research and development of coating equipment for many years and focuses on the research and development of core technologies. It is one of the manufacturers of coating control systems that are rarely owned in the same industry. It is a private independent production enterprise integrating private production, R&D, sales and after-sales in the coating machine industry. The company pays attention to product research and development, adheres to independent innovation, has 53 patents and 5 computer copyrights, breaking the history that the industry has been monopolized by Japan, Europe, the United States and other countries, and changed from Made in China to creating in China.
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